Profile of The Leader

Instructor : YOKO TANAKA
★Officially Recognized Instructor of the highest grade of Japanese Drum Foundation
★The Leader of Wadaiko Ronshun, Japanese Drum Team
★Part-time teacher of Taiko Center

Profile of YOKO TANAKA:

Started Japanese Drum in May,1986, with some members and was really into it.

Played under Ms. Kinoko Chujyo
and currently trains under Mr. Yutaka Imaizumi - the leader of Sukeroku Daiko
in Tokyo and
Mr.Yuichi Kimura - Sololist of Japanese Drum

Plays Shinobue, Japanese flute, under Mr. Korei Deguchi.

Received the highest grade-license in July, 2009.

Currently instructs students at two schools for disabled children, at a disabled adults' s club and two women's clubs.

Has held workshops in Berlin, Chemnits and etc. in Germany and in Budapest in Hungary, since 2010. Workshops are popular among Germans and Hungarians.